Transition Journey for Independent Living and Employment is tailored for individuals, families, or practitioners seeking guidance on navigating the transition to independence and employment for neurodiverse individuals. Throughout this comprehensive session, we will delve into key topics essential for facilitating a successful transition journey. From elucidating the nuanced definition of transition to emphasizing the pivotal role of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills, participants will gain invaluable insights into laying a solid foundation for neurodiverse individuals to thrive in both personal and professional realms. Furthermore, our workshop will provide a deep dive into essential components of preparing for independent living and accessing job coaching support tailored to employment needs. Through interactive discussions and real-world examples, participants will gain actionable ideas to support neurodiverse individuals in achieving their goals and fulfilling their potential. Whether you’re an individual, a family member, or a practitioner, join us as we collaborate to create inclusive environments where neurodiverse individuals can thrive, contribute meaningfully, and embark on fulfilling transition journeys towards independence and employment.

Workshop Speaker

Peggy, Lead Coach and Special Education Consultant at Bridging Hope in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, is dedicated to supporting neurodiverse teenagers, adolescents, and adults in achieving independence. With a focus on creating an independent living community in Malaysia, Peggy brings a wealth of expertise as a Certified PEERS® for Young Adults facilitator, Therapeutic Listening practitioner, and Job Coach. Her teaching incorporates a range of skills such as Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), Mindfulness, and Lego Therapy, aiming to empower neurodiverse individuals. Peggy’s commitment extends to her role as treasurer of Malaysia’s Special Education Network in Asia (SENIA) chapter and volunteering with Autism Initiatives Malaysia High, advocating for, supporting, and providing resources to the neurodiverse community.


Parenting a child with special needs presents unique joys and challenges that can often leave parents feeling overwhelmed and stressed. In recognition of this, our workshop “Stress Management for Parents” offers a compassionate space for parents to explore effective strategies for navigating the complexities of caregiving. Together, we’ll empower parents to prioritize their well-being, foster resilience, and find balance amidst the demands of caring for their special needs children.

Join us for an empowering session designed to equip parents with the skills and support needed to thrive in their caregiving role. Through shared experiences, insightful discussions, and supportive community connections, participants will discover that they are not alone in their journey. Together, we’ll cultivate a nurturing environment where parents can find strength, resilience, and renewed energy to embrace the joys and challenges of parenting special needs children with confidence and compassion.

Workshop Speaker

Jia Ning, a Master of Clinical Psychology graduate, specializes in providing individual therapy to individuals across all age groups, focusing on a supportive and collaborative therapeutic approach. With expertise in Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, she is committed to helping clients navigate their emotional experiences and lead more fulfilling lives. Currently serving as a Clinical Psychologist at Eirini Counselling Services since July 2023, Jia Ning conducts individual therapy sessions for both adults and children, alongside administering psychological assessments for children. Additionally, she shares her knowledge and expertise through workshops and talks, addressing topics such as mental illness, relational dysfunction, and emotional regulation to foster greater awareness and inclusion in the community.

This session is designed to provide parents of children with autism with essential tools, resources, and guidance to navigate the complexities of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) with confidence and resilience. Participants will engage in insightful discussions, practical workshops, and interactive activities aimed at fostering a supportive community and empowering parents to advocate effectively for their child’s needs.

Through a blend of expert insights, personal experiences, and practical strategies, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of autism, explore effective communication techniques, and discover resources for accessing essential services and support networks. Together, we’ll create a space where every parent feels heard, supported, and equipped to champion their child’s unique strengths and potential.

Workshop Speaker

Toh Kar Wei, is a Clinical Psychologist, affiliated with esteemed organizations such as the Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology (MSCP), the Malaysian Allied Health Professions Council, and the Persatuan Psikologi Malaysia (PSIMA). With a rich background in clinical psychology, Toh Kar Wei has traversed various roles, from internships at the University of Cyberjaya Health and Psychology Clinic to her current position as Associate Clinical Psychologist at Relationary. She remains dedicated to professional development, actively engaging in workshops and programs such as Behavior Disorders in Children and the National Conference on Mental Health & WellBeing to continuously enhance her knowledge and skills. As an invited speaker for talks and workshops, Toh Kar Wei shares her expertise on various topics, including Emotional Management and Understanding Children’s Development, contributing to the broader discourse on mental health awareness and support.

Join us for a thought-provoking workshop at the Special Needs Conference titled “What About Me?” where we’ll gain invaluable insights into navigating the needs of siblings of individuals with special needs. In this session, we’ll hear from Ng Lai-Thin, whose personal journey growing up with a neurodivergent sibling has fueled her passion for supporting children with disabilities and advocating for disability rights. With a Master’s degree in Special and Inclusive Education, Lai-Thin brings a unique blend of academic expertise and personal experience to the discussion.

Drawing from her lived experience, Lai-Thin will share profound insights into the challenges and triumphs of siblings in families with individuals with special needs. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the sibling experience and explore strategies for fostering empathy, resilience, and support within families touched by special needs.

Workshop Speaker

Ng Lai-Thin is an Educator in Special and Inclusive Education with a Master’s degree in Special and Inclusive Education from Erasmus Mundus and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from HELP. Growing up with a neurodivergent sibling sparked her passion for teaching children with disabilities and later advocating for disability rights. As the Project Lead for the National Early Childhood Intervention Council (NECIC), she developed a course on preschool inclusion and actively contributes to The OKU Rights Matter Project website by co-curating resources and writing articles.

Financial planning is a very important especially when navigating the financial aspects of parenting a child with special needs.. This workshop delves into crucial strategies for managing family finances amidst the unique challenges posed by the therapy and educational needs of children with special needs.

From understanding the costs associated with therapy, medical care, and educational support to exploring available financial resources and government assistance programs, each family will need to have actionable strategies to effectively plan for their child’s future while safeguarding their family’s financial well-being. Join us for this informative session to gain the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the financial journey of parenting a child with special needs with confidence and peace of mind.

Workshop Speaker

Nicholas Wong, a Licensed Financial Planner and Partner at IPP Financial Planning Group in Malaysia, advocates for financial education to empower individuals in making informed decisions about their money and realizing their life goals. With a background in Biotechnology from the University of Melbourne, Nicholas brings a unique perspective to financial planning, merging his scientific expertise with a passion for guiding others towards financial security. Through personalized guidance and strategies, Nicholas aims to demystify financial complexities, fostering a culture of financial literacy and equipping clients with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate their financial journey effectively.

Did you know that individuals with special needs and their caregivers may face a higher risk of suicidal behavior? In this session, attendees will have the opportunity to become suicide prevention gatekeepers by learning to recognize the signs of suicide, initiate conversations with those who may be suicidal, and guide them towards the necessary help and support. Through interactive discussions and practical guidance, participants will gain valuable insights into how to provide crucial assistance, fostering a safe and supportive environment where help and hope are readily available.

This workshop aims to empower caregivers and individuals within the special needs community with the knowledge and skills needed to intervene effectively in times of crisis. By equipping attendees with the tools to recognize warning signs and offer support, we can work together to prevent suicide and promote mental wellness among those with special needs. Join us in taking proactive steps towards creating a community where everyone feels supported, valued, and equipped to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and hope.

Workshop Speaker

LINetS or Life Inspired Network Society is a network of individuals and institutions with a heartbeat to inspire life. Specifically focused on suicide prevention, LINetS seeks to embrace & engage precious lives wrestling to hold on when there seems to be no hope. We believe that this journey called life is beautiful and a gift from God that should be guarded and grown to its fullest potential. Collectively, our efforts can cushion the pain and change the path of people, especially young people, silently crying out for help.

The ethos of LINetS is near and dear to our founder Kenneth Chin, who unfortunately lost his sister Lynette to suicide many years ago. He did not know enough then to help her but he hopes that with the available knowledge and experience today, together with the support of all who are willing and able, we may see many more ‘Lynettes’ among us breathe (and dream) again.

Join us for a transformative workshop where Ms. Tye will guide you through effective strategies to interact and improve communication with children with autism. Attendees will gain practical insights and techniques tailored to enhance communication skills and foster meaningful interactions with their child. With Ms. Tye’s expertise and guidance, parents and caregivers will learn how to create supportive environments, utilize visual supports, and implement structured communication activities to facilitate language development and social engagement.

Through interactive discussions and hands-on exercises, participants will have the opportunity to explore personalized approaches that suit their child’s unique needs and preferences. Together, let’s pave the way for enriching communication experiences and create a brighter future for children with autism.

Workshop Speaker

Ms Tye Wuey Ping is a Speech-Language Pathologist/Therapist with more than 24 years of experience. Before setting up her private practice – Speech Oasis Enterprise, in 2010, Wuey Ping worked in Sunway Medical Centre, heading the Speech and Hearing Department there. She currently works with children and teenagers with speech-language impairments related to conditions, such as developmental delay, autism spectrum disorder, and social communication disorder. She is a member of the Malaysian Association of Speech- Language & Hearing (MASH) and is a Hanen certified facilitator.

Wuey Ping enjoys teaching and lecturing in universities, and colleges; training and coaching parents and teachers in various settings. She believes that anyone and everyone can communicate effectively given the right motivation, direction and strategy!

Inclusive education is inevitable and no longer an alternative in schools. Some disabilities may be visible that impact every significant domain such as they may have complex physical and medical needs, others times disabilities are not visible. These children with special educational needs likely are already in preschool. It is time for preschool teachers to learn to embrace inclusion in their classrooms, not to reject them.

Is inclusive education possible? We do understand that It is not going to be easy but it is not impossible. Hence it is going to be worth it. In this workshop, you will know how crucial your role as a preschool teacher is to impact and provide the first step for the child to the world of inclusion. And it all begins in your preschool. We believe that every child matters and should be given opportunities to develop to their full potential. When they cannot learn the way we teach, we should teach the way they learn.

Workshop Speaker

Pauline Wong is the Senior Director of Community Development Department at Malaysian CARE. She earned a master’s degree in Education (Special Education Needs) from Roehampton University, UK. She has 30 years of experience working in the field of special needs of all types of disabilities, across a range of settings and services.

Her background and experience involved providing technical support, consultation, and training to parents, teachers in early intervention, inclusive preschool and employment transition programmes.She also works closely with job coaches and school teachers in providing employment transition training for young adults with learning disabilities. She is passionate about children with special needs successfully being included in mainstream education and young adults with learning disabilities acquired independent and meaningful lives with secured employment.

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